/  History

Federation of Farmer Associations Promoting Family Agricultural Enterprise in Cambodia (FAEC) is federation of farmer organization created and leaded by farmers and was founded, on 04th September 2009 in Ministry of Interior, by Representatives of Presidents of Farmer Associations and Cooperatives from 09 provinces of Cambodia such as: Svay Rieng, Prey Veng, Kandal, Takeo, Kampong Speu, Kampot, Kampong Thom, Battambang and Steung Treng. FAEC was created for the purpose of strengthening capacity of their members on production technic and business management to improve living condition of family agriculture.  


FAEC is increasing progressively their members about 10% and has currently 34 agriculture cooperative members and 28 associations from 10 provinces with more than 5,000 individual members.

FAEC is building network with local and international institutions for sustainable agricultural development in Cambodia. FAEC is in partnership with ADG (Aide au Développement de Gembloux) AFDI (Agriculture Français et Développement International), CIRD (Cambodian Institute for Research and Rural Development) and SCCRProject (Support to Commercialization of Cambodian Rice). FAEC is also networking with other national farmer federations such as FCFD (Federation of Cambodian Farmer Organization for Development), FWN (Farmer Water Net) and CFAP (Cambodian Farmers Association Federation of Agricultural Producers). This networking is to voice out and advocate farmer’s constraints to government and other relevant stakeholders. 

2009-2011: FAEC is the partnership with AFDI (Agriculteur Français pour le Development International) and MFR (La Maison Familial Rural) to promote and support an innovative and pertinent rural education and youth training system. This concept was developed to help the rural youth by providing the agriculture technique and practices that they will be able to apply on farm and it can reduce the rural migration that is occurring in the Cambodian’s remote areas. This program is providing the capacity building to MFR teachers in term of teaching (pedagogy) and technical skill (rice and livestock production). FAEC supported to create 3 MFR schools based in Takeo, Svay Rieng and Battambang. These 3 MFR schools have yearly trained 50 rural youths on mushroom, vegetable, chicken raising and rice production.



2011-2016: FAEC is in partnership with ADG and CIRD to implement a program called Food Sovereignty and Family Agriculture (AFSA) funded by Belgium Government. This program aims at durably strengthen food sovereignty in target area. It (i) provides institutional support to FAEC (board meeting, executive committee meeting, general assembly), (ii) provides capacity building to management committee, (iv) support the agriculture cooperative (business plan preparation, simple accounting system, access to seed, agro-ecology practices, establishment of agriculture cooperative, access to market for FO products, collective business linkage, access to finance, investment of rice storage) (v) develop the service delivery to members and non-members (training and coaching the FAEC service providers and manual training and (vi) and support advocacy to raise out farmer concerns and networking with other development partners. 


2012- 2016: AFDI is structural partnership with FAEC to build up the approach “Farmer to Farmer”. AFDI had provided the institutional support (board meeting, general assembly) and capacity building to agriculture cooperatives. AFDI Normandie had established the partnership with FAEC since 2012. AFDI Haut-Rhin had joined with AFDI Normandie in the partnership with FAEC in 2014. This structural partnership is to reinforce FAEC and also cooperative members, services to members and to consolidate the FAEC’s visibility and representatives. FAEC management committee (board) had built the capacity on the farmer organization (FO) management skills. FAEC has implemented within 6 agriculture cooperatives to support their board on cooperative management and provide the investment with the cooperative on rice storage.

2014-2015: Two Federations of Farmer Organizations, the Federation of Farmer Associations Promoting Family Agriculture Enterprise in Cambodia (FAEC) and Federation of Cambodian Farmers Organization for Development (FCFD), are agreeing together to undertake a project named SCCRP (Support to Commercialization of Cambodian Rice Project) supervised by SNEC (Supreme National Economic Council and funded by AFD (Agence Français pour le Développement). This project had implemented 18 months and aimed (i) to overcome the scale problem of farmers through collective actions, (ii) to improve the access to market for the rice produced by farmers and collectively commercialized by FOs by networking with CRF (Cambodian Rice Federation) and (iii) to assist for the access to finance/credit by networking with RDB (Rural Development Bank) Both FO Federations are currently representing a total of 42 Agriculture Cooperatives and several Farmer Associations accounting for over 6,000 small-scale farmers from 11 provinces of Cambodia.